All Natural Soaps and Lotions

All Natural Goat's Milk Soap Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub Goddess Collection
All Natural Goat's Milk SoapGlowing Mama Face & Body ScrubGoddess Collection

All Natural Goat's Milk hand soap has a great nourishing properties and rich lather, without any GMO ingredients, sulfates, parabens or other harsh chemicals.

Glowing Mama Walnut Scrub lightly exfoliates and cleanses away dead skin while moisturizing the body with its infused botanical extracts.

Goddess Collection includes a tin of your choice tea, a bottle of Smooth Mama Vanilla Spice Lotion and a jar of Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub.

Natural Clay Masks Smooth Mama Wash it Away: Organic Castile Foaming Soap
Natural Clay MasksSmooth MamaWash it Away: Organic Castile Foaming Soap

Natural clay masks with organic herbs and botanicals can be combined with your favorite ingredient to create an amazing spa experience at home.

Smooth Mama lotion is made without the use of any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients so it is safe for mamas skin.

Organic Castile Foaming Soap is completely free of harsh chemicals, and easy on the skin. Infused with aloe vera and shea butter, it cleanses without leaving your hands dry.